Artist Pu Wei

The Paintbrush artist Pu Wei, a native of Kunming, Yunnan, China, is well-known as an “innovative color of Surupa painting” artist in China. She was reported in Chinese influential art webs, magazines and newspapers, TVs, CNC world news, participated in international art exhibitions in New York,  London, Paris, Strasbourg, Miami, San Diego, Italy, Spain, Portugal etc.

Contemporary Chinese painting - Color of Surupa series are full of colors, lights and shadows, artistic conceptions and prospects, using Chinese ink and brushes, water, rice paper and natural pigments.


Pu Wei is drawing

《Esoteric images of the soul 》

 "My art has an inner strength of practice and understanding. It is a description of the state of being from my own art spirit. When I enter meditation, I communicate with the universe, nature, and life. Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye it also includes the esoteric images of the soul." ------ Pu Wei

《The Four Seasons》series - Pu Wei's Chinese style works, combining modern Chinese color ink painting with calligraphy

Summer section: Like water, no trace; Like clouds, no shadow; Like the wind, no shape. Nature is profound and unpredictable. Buddha said, all appearances are voidness. The flexible lines seem to be the flow of water, wind and clouds.

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Recent artworks

Light wave, 68cm×68cm (unframed), rice paper, water and ink, natural pigments.

The universe was born out of chaos, 75cm×68cm (unframed), rice paper, water and ink, natural pigments.

Underwater world-1, 138cm×68cm (unframed), rice paper, water and ink, natural pigments.

Underwater world-2, 138cm×68cm (unframed), rice paper, water and ink, natural pigments.

Golden Rose, 90cm×98cm (unframed), rice paper, water and ink, natural pigments.

The bloom of life,four linked paintings. Each one: 180cm high, 45cm wide.

Recent events

Exclusive interview by Salvatore Russo

Pu Wei was interviewed exclusively by Salvatore Russo, a famous international art critic in Italy, and published in the International Contemporary Art Magazine (7/8 issue, 2022, Art Now Media, Italy ). click here to see the interview.

The International High Recognition Art Award - MICHELANGELO'S DAVID

I am honored to have won the famous Visual Art Award of MICHELANGELO'S DAVID, which is the International Art high Recognition and entitled.


“Master of Arts Pu Wei,  while refuging in a poietic retreat – made of enchantment and restlessness - “reveals” the ingenious cultural meaning of his  compositional system conveying to his works  the  sacred bond of the intellectual  Authoritativeness : distinctive sign, beyond the pictorial grammar,  of the  creative action  as  providential and vital expression of the History of Art “.

The awards ceremony took place on Saturday July 10th, 2021, in the “Bernini” Hall of the Grand Hotel Tiziano and Congresses, Lecce, Italy.


Digital Exhibition “Art Screen TV”, HYPERION Hotel Basel, During Art Basel 2022, from June 17 to 19, 2022.


Artexpo New York, April,  7-10, 2022, Pier 36, was represented by A&E Fine Art Gallery.


Spectrum Maimi Art Fair, December 1-5, 2021, Mana Wynwood, was represented by A&E Fine Art Gallery.


Artexpo New York, October 28-31, 2021, Pier 36, was represented by A&E Fine Art Gallery.


Digital Exhibition “Art Screen TV”, HYPERION Hotel Basel, During Art Basel 2021, from September 23 to 26, 2021.


Biennale dei Normanni, September 12-18, 2020, Modern and Contemporary Art Museum G. Sciortino, Monreale, Italy.


Spectrum Miami 2019, Dec. 4 - 8, Miami’s Wynwood Art Distric, Florida, USA.


SEGNALATIT, the exhibition in Portugal, at Lisbon, from 20 to 23 November 2019, in the stunning exhibition hall of the "Meeting Art" of Lisbon.


Art San Diego 2019, Oct. 10 -13, San Diego convention center, California, USA.


The 5th annual Autumnal digital art and photo show, September 26-28, 2019. New York City.


The Mantua (Mantova) Contemporary Art BIENNALE - Mantova Artexpo, June 8 - 16, 2019, Italy. Won the award "Artist of the year 2019".


The 3rd Bienal de Barcelona, April 5 - 7, 2019, Spain. Won the Velazquez International Prize.


International Prize BOTTICELLI, February 9, 2019, Florence, Italy.


Salon des beaux arts 2018 in Paris, Dec. 13-16


Winter international art salon in Strasbourg 2018, Dec. 6-9


Light - Digital Art Exhibition & Fundraiser in NYC & Miami, 2018, Dec. 5-9


Tribeca Art + Culture Night 2018, Sept. 26-29, NYC.


Summer Fine Art Exhibition London, 22 August- 3 September 2018


“Shine” art show,NYC, June 21-22, 2018


Universal language 2, June 5-9, London


New York Artexpo 2018, April 19-22, solo exhibition


Chinese, South Korean and Japanese intangible cultural heritage international academic seminar art exhibition. July 3-6, 2018


The 3rd international painting festival, November 17-20, 2017, Hawaii, USA.